CCTV Camera Installation

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We set up everything for you included technical settings for the installation of our Saferity CCTV System. Our professionally trained technicians will guide you how to configure the settings and how to use our CCTV System to its full potential.

Intelligent Video Systems (IVS) is a technology that provides advanced, accurate smart video analytics for CCTV system. It is a variety of built-in intelligent video analytics that ranges from motion detection, tripwire violations, abandoned or missing object detection and more. 4K Resolution High Recording quality enables for a very crystal clear recording quality even at a long distance viewing and especially useful in identifying thieves faces extremely clearly when needed.

You can monitor your CCTV surrounding with clear recording, on your mobile phone for a live monitoring, recording & playback. Receive video pushed to your smartphone automatically when CCTV detects a motion with this latest technology. It views through objects that hard to be seen by human raw eyes since thieves love to commit crime under such circumstance. Capable to perform simultaneous tasks with our new multi-task processor – live monitoring, recording & playback. With Micro SD/ SD Card support, it can store a load of videos even with high resolution and doesn’t require a DVR.

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  • Intruder Detection
  • 4K Resolution Recording Quality
  • Mobile Monitoring
  • Video Push Technology
  • Night Vision
  • Multitasking Capability
  • External Storage Support
  • Internet Capability
  • Speed Dome Camera
  • Intelligent Search
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