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Easy Tips To Computer Repair

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1. Restart your computer

This has become a cliché but it solves many desktop and laptop problems. It’s quick and easy so is always worth trying first. If your computer screen has frozen you can usually force a shut down by holding down the power button until the computer turns off, then start up again.

If it won’t turn off, you can force a complete shut down. With a desktop PC do so by turning off the power at the mains, and with a laptop do so by removing and replacing the battery. If your laptop doesn’t have a removeable battery, you should simply be able to hold the power button as described above, but do so for at least ten seconds to ensure it properly switches off.

2. Back up your files

Even small problems, such as your computer running slowly, could be symptomatic of a bigger issue. To avoid losing important files and photos if the problem escalates, back up all your files to an external hard drive or to online cloud storage.

3. Run computer security checks

If things aren’t working as smoothly as they should or you’re frequently experiencing problems, run a security scan. Some particularly malicious malware or viruses can stop your computer from starting, but more commonly they will just make your system sluggish. A security scan will put your mind at rest and will let you rule out malicious attacks at an early stage.

4. Remove recently installed programs

If your computer has problems just after you’ve installed a device or a software program – whether you’ve installed it from a disc or downloaded it from the internet – uninstall the last piece of software you put on your system. To do this safely and fully, click the Start button, type Control and select the Control Panel. Next, select Add or remove programs.

Once you’ve uninstalled the program, check for improvement. If everything’s working OK again, you can try reinstalling.

5. Check for duplicate programs

Problems can arise if you have two versions of the same program running (for example, if you’ve reinstalled a piece of software to get the latest version, rather than using the program’s update option). You can check if you have multiple versions of the same program running using the Windows Control Panel, which lists all the programs you’ve downloaded to your computer.

If you spot duplicates, uninstall both versions, and then try reinstalling (if you’re installing from a disc, you may also need to check online for updates).

6. Don’t use more than one antivirus program

It’s vital to protect your computer with appropriate security software. But running two antivirus programs on your computer isn’t wise as they will interfere with each other. It’s okay to have Windows Security enabled alongside a third-party antivirus program, however.

If you have two different antivirus programs installed on your computer, make sure only one of them is active. Find out which security software we recommend in our pick of the best antivirus software.

7. Check for and install Windows updates

This is a straightforward way to ensure you are up to date and should improve the performance and reliability of your computer. You can set your computer up to check for and install Windows updates automatically. If you haven’t already been running updates regularly then it may take some time to download all updates, but it’s worth it.

Click Start, type Update and then select Check for updates.

8. Carry out a system restore

This is a powerful and effective tool and will fix many PC problems by reverting your computer system to the last state in which it was working well. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System tools > System restore or just enter system restorein the Windows search box and press Enter.

Once you are in the main window, if you have an available restore point the date will be highlighted in bold. Click that date and simply follow the step-by-step wizard that will take you through the process and will even restart the computer for you. If it has restored successfully you will get confirmation.

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