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When it comes to Macs, finding fast and reliable help in Klang Valley is not easy. Nearly everyone knows someone who is ‘good with computers’. However, few people are familiar with the insides of a Mac. When your develops a problem, you need it fixed quickly. Getting the work done properly means taking it to the right place.

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MacBook / iMac


Macs are mot like Windows PC’s. They are designed and constructed in a very different way (a bit like us Mac users). Non-Mac techies are not the right people to be working inside them. The wrong person working on your Mac can cause extensive and expensive damage.


Faster, bigger hard drive or a speedy Solid State Drive (SSD). More memory (RAM). Latest version of Mac OS X. An ‘All od the above’ approach can make your old Mac feel like new again and often costs around 1/3 of the price of a brand new equivalent.


We buy smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPhones, iPads,  iPods and Macs. The process is quick and easy. You see how much it is worth, send it to us for a final offer, and once approved you get paid.


repairs / upgrades

Whether your iPad has a cracked screen that requires replacement, isn’t charging and requires a new charging port, or has been water damaged, our experts are qualified to diagnose and repair all of these issues with full guarantee.


repairs / upgrades

FixMyMac can help you with variety of iPhone repairs, including screen and case replacement, hardware repairs, software and hardware upgrades, water damage repairs, data recovery, and much one.

other services

We are also provide other a variety of services such as MacBook dust removal, MacBook OS installation, iMac OS installation and data recovery.

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